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What is a Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures that are commonly performed together for women that have had children and need multiple areas corrected. There is a limit as to what can be done safely, but the procedures listed below are safe in most women that have no underlying illness and are normal weight. 

The best way to tell if your weight is acceptable for a Makeover is to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI).  Go to an online BMI calculator at: and see if your BMI is reasonable. It should be under 30, though in some cases 32 is acceptable.

What is included in a Mommy Makeover

  • Breast Lift/Augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Brazilian Butt lift
  • Need for revisional surgery
  • Liposuction

We offer 3 different Mommy Makeover packages and we can also customize one specifically for you.

Makeover 1

TT and Breast Augmentation (no Mastopexy) $16,400

Makeover 2

TT and Mastopexy (no implants) $17,200

Makeover 3

TT, Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation $22,000

All pricing includes pre-op/post-op appointments, surgeons fee, and facility/anesthesia fees.

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Affordable Plastic Surgery Motto

Our motto at Affordable Plastic Surgery is to provide a safe environment, excellent care, and results at an affordable price. We feel that plastic surgery should not be a luxury for a small group of patients but affordable to all! Our expert staff are here to help you with every step of your surgical experience at Affordable Plastic Surgery!

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable prices that cover all fees, pre- and post-op appointments. We are transparent with our fees, no hidden costs and offer payment options.
  • Work with two top financing companies offering affordable options (overtime payments, buy now/pay later, 0% and low APR options).
  • Local location with no pricey travel expenses. Why fly to Miami and spend the same amount of money or more with travel/hotel when you can get safe and personal care at Affordable Plastic Surgery.
  • In person evaluation and post-op care close to home.
  • Brand new office and a three state of the art accredited OR surgical facility.
  • Board certified plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience and highly trained and professional staff.


I am a nurse and Dr M was the nicest doctor I have ever met. He was thorough and informative and very competitively priced. The procedure was under 2 hours…


My experience with Dr. M and his entire staff was nothing less than amazing! From the day of consult up until after my procedure, everyone….


Everyone on this team had such a special part in my journey with Affordable Plastic Surgery. From Lori and Steph organizing all my appointments….


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