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Arm Lift Surgery: What You Should Know About It?

Arm Lift Surgery: What You Should Know About It?


Over the past 50 years, the science of surgical care has been advanced. Due to this, surgical procedures have become much more common in today’s world. An arm lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to give you tight and toned arms by removing excess skin fat residing around the arm.

Sagging and drooping arms are some of the common issues that people like to get rid of. Drooping upper arms may be caused due to aging, genetic conditions, weight loss, and excess fat. When it comes to wearing sleeveless outfits, it can make you look fat which can break your confidence. In many cases, the flabby arms are difficult to get rid of even after following a weight-loss diet and workout regime.

But thanks to the arm lift surgery (also known as Brachioplasty), commonly practiced in NJ to get rid of excess fat formed on the arms. This surgical procedure can help tighten sagging skin.

This blog outlines the significant things you should know about arm lift surgery.

Who can have Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is mostly selected for cosmetic reasons. The patients interested in an underarm lift procedure in NJ should be in good health and not have any serious disease. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you may not be the best candidate for the surgery. So, always go and talk to your doctor to know if you are the best candidate or not.

Complications might arise in any surgery

While the risks associated with Brachioplasty are rare you still need to be aware of the possible risks. After the surgery, it is essential to take proper rest and take a healthy diet to avoid any complications.

Here are the possible risks of Brachioplasty:

  • Scarring
  • Seromas
  • Permanent loss of sensation
  • Swelling of the hands
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic results

How long it takes to recover?

It may take many weeks to recover. The aftercare in case of Brachioplasty holds a great importance. Thus, follow the aftercare steps suggested by your surgeon carefully.

Important things to note-

Before you are all set to undergo arm lift surgery in NJ, always rely on an experienced surgeon. Second, it is very crucial to follow pre and post-care instructions given by your surgeon.

Before undergoing the surgery, you must have a word with your surgeon about the risks and benefits, and expectations you have from Brachioplasty.

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