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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I am a nurse and Dr M was the nicest doctor I have ever met. He was thorough and informative and very competitively priced. The procedure was under 2 hours, the staff was like family, and I left them smiling. I would highly recommend him!


My experience with Dr. M and his entire staff was nothing less than amazing! From the day of consult up until after my procedure, everyone was so nice and caring. Dr. Moskovitz is an outstanding plastic surgeon and I am so happy with my breast!! Michelle is an awesome RN and you instantly feel comfortable around her and Dr. M. An all around great experience. Thank you guys for everything!!!


Everyone on this team had such a special part in my journey with Affordable Plastic Surgery. From Lori and Steph organizing all my appointments and being only a phone call away, to Michelle and Lynn literally being my mom and holding my hand throughout the entire surgery, to Rosalyn and Maya being right by my side when I woke up from surgery cheering me on. I also want to thank Bonni and everyone behind the scenes taking care of all the logistics leading up to surgery day. Lastly, a very special shout-out to the king himself, Dr. M. Dr. M listens and listens well. Being someone who is very particular with what I wanted, this was not an issue at all for Dr. M. He did exactly what I asked. I cannot express how safe and comfortable I felt going through with surgery at Affordable Plastic Surgery. I am only 3 weeks post op and everyone is checking up on me and making sure I’m happy and healthy. Anyone who is hesitant, my advice is to book your consultation, meet the amazing team and you will immediately feel at home! Beyond thankful I found such a welcoming, warm group of individuals to take me under their wings. Forever thankful for you all!


"Thank you so much Dr.Moskovitz! I love the new me and my husband loves it even more! I have gained my confidence back and no more back pain! I'm forever grateful! After I have children, I'll be back for a mommy makeover!" - T.C.G.

"Seeing my before and after photos left me speechless and a few tears came out! Thank you so much for your amazing work- you have changed my life.. I love my new BBB (boobs, booty, and body) can't wait to see you for my post op visit!" - R.J.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Moskovitz. I have been to the practice several times and was always pleased with my results. Dr. Moskovitz has an excellent bedside manner. He thoroughly explains everything and goes above and beyond to address any concerns you might have. I highly recommend him.

- V. S.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Moskovitz. He performed my liposuction and fat transfer procedure and gave me my dream body! He has a great eye and gives honest recommendations for your needs. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery.

- M. J. V.

Great experience ! Compassionate and helpful staff that assist you the whole way. Dr. Moskovitz is an incredible doctor and gave me a great result. Probably the most confident I’ve ever been

- A. U.

I am pleasantly happy with the results from my surgery thus far. Dr Moskovitz is an amazing Doctor, and person. Very personable and professional. His staff is very caring kind and professional. They made me feel comfortable at each visit. What I liked most is that after my procedure Dr Moskovitz called me to check on me.
I would absolutely recommend Dr Moskovitz to my friends and family.

- C. A.

The experience with Image Plastic Surgery with Dr. Moskovitz was nothing but amazing. He did an amazing job with my rhinoplasty and throughout it all, he showed genuine care for his work. He’s not just a surgeon, but also a talented artist who wants his patients to receive the best possible life changing results. His staff is friendly and makes the waiting room feel more like home than a doctors office. I highly recommend him to anyone even thinking about getting a surgery, even if it’s just a consultation to see what the results would possibly look like! They won’t disappoint!

- G. R.

Dr. M and his staff made the process of my procedure seamless. After a decade of interviews I came to Image Plastic Surgery with a desperate need to gain back my sense of self. The choice to do plastic surgery was not an easy one to make but Dr. Moskovitz listened and he was patient throughout the entire process. The experience and level of comfort that was provided was exceptional and I can honestly say this was the best thing I have done for myself.

- D. M.

I'm very happy with my results! I've never had cosmetic surgery before but Dr Moskovitz and his staff made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. Office visits are pleasant and timely and the staff is kind and friendly. Day of surgery was smooth and stress free. And the doc even calls you at home to see how you are doing! Highly recommend.

- E. T.

I had a hernia repair along with abdominoplasty and breast augmentation on 7/9/19. I went to see Dr. Moskovitz for just the breast augmentation and to see if he could repair my hernia at the same time. He discussed having an abdominoplasty to repair my muscle and hernia correctly, but never made me feel pressured. I am so pleased with the results. I feel comfortable wearing fitted clothes again and wore a two piece bathing suit last week for the first time in 8 yrs. I can’t thank Dr. Moskovitz and his team enough for guiding me through the entire process. Dr. Moskovitz is very meticulous so you can expect great results. My mommy makeover was a great decision, and I am very glad I chose Image Plastic Surgery to have it done.

- M. V. K.

I had breast reduction surgery in March 2019 at Holy Name Hospital. Dr. Moscovitz is professional and very thorough. He and his staff answered all my questions and made me feel at ease before, during, and after surgery. This surgery was life changing! I have fewer migraines and less back/neck pain. No more fussing with bras and buttons that leave a gap. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Moscovitz!

- S. M.

I can’t say enough nice things about Dr. Moskovitz and everyone in his practice. The whole experience of getting evaluated and preparing for the procedure and actually going through the procedure was very pleasant and impressive. Dr. Moskovitz and his staff truly care about patients and it shows. Luckow Pavilion is a great facility and did not feel like a hospital at all. The results are something else. Everything that the Dr. M talked about was accurate. Very professional and caring doctor and practice, highly recommend!

- V. S.

Dr. Moskovitz is a skilled, talented, and compassionate surgeon. He is very attentive to patient comfort and needs. The staff is also kind and helpful.

- L. D.

Dr. Moskovitz was an amazing doctor. He told me everything to expect for my breast reduction. I NEVER felt uncomfortable at any time during my first appointment through my last appointment. If you are thinking about ANY plastic surgery. Dr. Moskovitz is the one to go too!

- L. T.

Hi my name is Maria and I had liposuction and I couldn’t have found a better doctor. I’m so very pleased with my results that I would highly recommend anyone to him. Great experience, great staff and he’s such a sweetheart.

- M. M.

I am very happy with my experience with Dr. Moskovitz and his staff. He spent time with me during the consultation and helped guide me as I evaluated the type of procedure that would give me the results I wanted. He did not push for additional enhancements, instead, he focused on the areas I wanted to improve and gave trusted suggestions. Once I decided on my surgery (tummy-tuck and liposuction), I realized I was very limited on dates that would work best for me. Boni worked tirelessly to coordinate the doctor’s schedule with the hospital to get me in when I needed. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. Post-op, Dr. Moskovitz called regularly to find out how I was feeling and let me know what to expect during every step of my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Moskovitz, I feel great and I love the results! I’m still healing but see significant improvement on a daily basis and it seems as though I will have minimal scarring because of his precision and careful follow-up. I’m so happy that I chose Dr. Moskovitz and I HIGHLY recommend his care.

- M.

Dr. Moskovitz is an exceptional surgeon. I am a year post op breast reduction and absolutely over the moon with my results. Having this procedure is something I have wanted for at least 7 years and I am so happy I found Dr Moskovitz. I recently came back to recieve liposuction from my abdomen and I am exceptionally pleased with my results. All the care I have received from the moment I contacted his office right up until my post op appointments have been beyond my expectations. He is a sweet, caring man who makes you feel very relaxed and instantly you know you are in the right hands. He will not try to sell you things for the sake of his own paycheck and really seeks what is in your best interest. His staff are a beautiful bunch of friendly professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Moskovitz and his team to anyone wanting to change thier lives for the better.

- M. M.

I was so nervous when I was told that my silicone implant had ruptured and had to be removed. Went for three consultations and decided on Dr.Moskowitz. He made me feel so comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. His staff is pleasant and efficient. Had my procedure done at Valley Hospital o outpatient facility. They were very nice,efficient. I am very glad. I had it done at Valley and by Dr. Moskowitz. I highly recommend.

- M. C.

I had a scarless breast reduction. Yes you heard Me correct scarless! I held out for so long BC everyone I know had drains and these huge ugly scars. I went from an E to C with no lift and no scars. I could not be happier. Staff was friendly and doctor truly cared. He called every day for 3 days to see how I was doing. My results are amazing Thank you Dr. M!

- A. C.

Dr. Moskovitz was amazing from start to finish. When 2 different dermatologists told me I had a lipoma they said the only Dr. that was able to get rid of it was a plastic surgeon. I went to Dr. Moskovitz for a consultation and he said to me he doesn’t believe that I had a lipoma and did not feel comfortable doing anything without an ultrasound. Truth be told Dr. Moskovitz was right, not only was he right about my lump not being a lipoma but he also removed it with no problem when every Dr. I went to prior could not. I am so thankful to Dr. Moskovitz for removing a lump that I had for 2 years. He made me feel comfortable and at ease through the whole procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Moskovitz and his team to anyone!!!!

- I. T.

Great place with a friendly, helpful staff and a fantastic Dr.

- M. C.

Dr. M did a beautiful job removing a cyst under my eye I can hardly notice that anything was done

- J. V.

“Dear Dr. Moskovitz,

I wanted to say that I am extremely satisfied with the results of my breast fat transfer, honestly I couldn’t have been more happier. I am looking forward to gaining more weight and coming in for a second surgery, exactly the same, in about 6 to 9 months.”

- D.S.

A recent Mohs surgery on my nose for a basal cell carcinoma showed it to be quite invasive and extensive and it was determined that additional surgery by a plastic surgeon was needed.

Fortunately, Dr. Moskovitz was selected to perform the surgery which was successfully completed and totally satisfactory. Dr. Moskovitz is a professional skilled in his field who displays a friendly and caring demeanor. He clearly explains the procedure to be done and answers all questions asked with patience and clarity. After the surgery, the follow-up was thorough and satisfactory and my nose healed beautifully.
My experience with Dr. Moskovitz was such that I would highly recommend him for his skill as a plastic surgeon and for his pleasant and caring manner as a person.
Your thankful patient,

- J.C.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your care of me last week. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease, I felt at home!! What a caring person you are, it made such a difference to my being there all alone. I am well recovered, just in from my first work-out and getting back into my routine…it feels great!
Thank you,

- S.T.

Dear Dr. Moskovitz,

Thank you for being my doctor. I liked seeing you! Your friend,

- R. (age 5)

Dr. Moskovitz,

just wanted to thank you for all you have done in getting me my surgery. You always took me seriously; you didn’t talk down to me and seemed to really understand what this meant to me. You never made me feel I was being silly. I have been, as I told you, called horrible names and made fun of for 15 years by my ex but no more. I did it for me and he will never get to enjoy. You treated me with respect and kindness and I thank you very much. I don’t know if you would use a key chain like this but I made it for you anyway, I make a little money making things like this and jewelry, etc. Please accept it and once again thank your for everything.

- J.N.

Dear Dr. Moskovitz,

I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I feel so very fortunate to have you as my doctor.

When I learned that you and Dr. Spira worked together I knew that you had to be “special“, and I found out that to be so true!

I look forward to many more years of you and your talented “mind, hands and scalpel !!”
Most Sincerely,

- R.S.

Dr. Moskovitz,

Thank you for a lifetime of smiles and heartfelt consideration that actually made this all possible. Not to mention your incredible talent that I feel sure is unsurpassed.

Your expertise will shine through where ever I go for the rest of my life each time I return a smile!

- D.S.

Dear Dr. Moskovitz,

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. Working me into your schedule, etc. Please never ever change your bedside manner and let us hear from you if you move to Des Moines, Iowa.
Thanks again for everything.

- J.P.

Dr. Moskovitz,

Words cannot express my appreciation for your skill and talent. ( I now have full length mirror in my home for the 1st time EVER!) I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of me. Thank you so much!!!
Wishing you the VERY best in the New Year!

- K.P.

I’m trying hard not to look at myself too many times in the mirror, but it’s hard, because it’s such a pleasure not to see the ‘poochy’ areas on each side of my mouth! I marvel at the skill and artistry of all plastic surgeons.

Thank you for all that you did during my surgery.
Yours truly,

- S.P.

Dr. Moskovitz,

Thank you for taking such care with my husband, following his car accident. His lacerations are healing nicely, and his other injuries are, too. He has already been released to go back to work. Your patience and humor meant a lot to me during this stressful time.
God bless you,

- J.H.


Thanks for making my dreams come true. You do amazing work and I’m truly grateful! It was a pleasure meeting you!
~ To my “fourth favorite guy” in the whole world- after my husband, dad and brother ~

- S.G.

Dr. Moskovitz,

My family and I wanted to again express our gratitude for your commitment to my recovery. You are an exceptional surgeon as well as a wonderful person. Your care and concern as I survived the holiday in the hospital was greatly appreciated. Thank you. I will see you soon, until then I hope your house is moving along smoothly!!!
I will be forever grateful to you!

- S.B.

To Dr. Moskovitz,

Thank you so much for taking care of our son on one Saturday raining night at Valley Hospital. Most of all thank you for giving us a ride home, it was greatly appreciated.

Dr. Moskovitz,

I want to thank you and your staff for your expertise in conducting my BA surgery. Your a wonderful Doctor! I wish you continued success in your professional career!!

- N.B.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I appreciated the rides back and forth. I am doing very well and I am very satisfied.

Looking forward to my next trip to New York!!

Thank you,

- L.C.

Hi my Dr. Marty and Staff,

Having a wonderful time here in Hollywood Beach. Thank you for the referral to Dr. Pat he was wonderful, but I love you more!!

I feel good and getting lots of R & R.

Love you guys!

Dear Dr. Moskovitz,

I truly want to thank you for everything. You are a kind and considerate, understanding person; qualities that make a doctor not good, but GREAT!!

Thanks a million!

- J.C.

Thank you for everything. You’re the number 1 doctor I ever came across and glad I did!! You made me gain your trust from day one, your charisma, expertise and patience are remarkable and like no other.

Thank you for an excellent breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I couldn’t ask for more. Your staff is the best, very professional and very understanding. I am thankful that I chose you as my surgeon and I wish you the best in your profession.

- C.

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