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Brachioplasty Arm Lift Surgery New York & New Jersey

Brachioplasty Arm Lift Surgery New York & New Jersey



Sagging and loose skin hanging from the upper arms is one of the most common problem areas, especially for people who have had massive weight loss. This is an issue, which can be rectified with Brachioplasty or arm lift.

Besides people who have undergone a significant weight loss, people with growing age may also get loose and saggy skin under the arms. Even though your arms may be saggy in appearance, an arm lift can give you toned and contoured arms that you’ve always wanted. This cosmetic procedure is designed to help you get rid of excess fat that sits under the upper arms.

What to expect from an arm lift procedure?

If you choose to undergo Brachioplasty, your surgeon will perform this procedure in an operating room under the effect of general anesthesia.

After administering anesthesia, your doctor will remove an elliptical segment of skin and some fat from the area under your upper arm. For example, if you have excess skin, they may remove some more from the upper area of the arm to the armpit area.

The entire surgery can be completed within two to three hours. Once the procedure is completed, your surgeon will ask you to wear compression garments, which helps in controlling swelling. Usually, patients can resume their daily activities within a few days after the surgery. However, you’d still need three-four weeks to get back to strenuous activities.

For some patients with excess arm skin, an arm lift is not enough to rectify the problem. Therefore, in such cases, doctors recommend a combination of a liposuction and arm lift.

Here are a few things you need to consider before undergoing an arm lift surgery!

  • Avoid taking certain medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal supplements, as they can result in excess bleeding.
  • Bring a friend or a family member to drive you home on the surgery day and help you during the recovery period.

Other important considerations

When patients visit their cosmetic surgeons, they should have realistic expectations from the arm lift surgery. Before getting involved in this procedure, they should talk to their surgeons about the suitable procedure for them and the expected results.

What is a Brachioplasty Arm Lift Surgery?

A Brachioplasty procedure is to help treat the excess skin that can form on the upper arms. Patients can develop this either from weight loss, or have just always had extra skin present in their upper arms.

Who is the ideal candidate for a Brachioplasty Arm Lift Surgery?

The ideal candidate for a Brachioplasty arm lift will be someone who has dealt with excess skin in the upper arms. Of course, during the consultation process, our plastic surgeons go over a patient’s detailed medical history to make sure that they meet the requirements for surgery.

Are there any risks to getting a Brachioplasty Arm Lift Surgery?

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, there is always some risk involved. While Affordable Plastic Surgery does its best to minimize any risk you might encounter during surgery, we want our patients to be aware that they could experience excessive scarring, wound healing issues, numbness in the skin, or seroma. If you notice any of these symptoms or side effects in yourself, we urge you to seek medical attention.

How long is the recovery period?

You can be up and going around the same day after the procedure is done. However, you’ll have to wear a compression garment on your arms for about a month. We advise patients to take at least three weeks off from working out or any other strenuous activity, and if you feel you need more time to recover, you can even take a week off from work.


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