Chin Surgery


Chin Augmentation (includes implant) $3200

Chin augmentation surgery can dramatically improve your facial contours and profiles. Most chin augmentation surgery uses a solid silicone implant placed through an incision hidden perfectly under your chin. The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours and you go home on the same day. You do need to have a soft diet for a few days and take pain medication since the area can be somewhat sore for up to a week.
Some patients need a stronger chin that is also longer, making the face less round. Those patients may do better with a procedure that cuts the bone and repositions it with a metal plate. It is a bigger operation and costs slightly more, but it can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.
Chin augmentation surgery is often done in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery since a small chin will make a nose look much bigger. By fixing the chin area, the nose can be brought into much better proportion.

RISKS OF Chin augmentation surgery

Risks associated with chin implant surgery include the following:

  • Nerve damage to the chin area resulting in abnormal movement or sensation
  • Loss of bone in the chin area over time due to pressure from the implant
  • Infection around the implant or the plate
  • Extrusion (your body rejecting the implant over time)

All pricing includes pre-op/post-op appointments, surgeons fee, and facility/anesthesia fees.

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