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Comprehensive Guide to Breast Lift Surgery in NY

Comprehensive Guide to Breast Lift Surgery in NY


Breast lift surgery is an advanced cosmetic procedure in which a plastic surgeon uplift and reshape the breasts to enhance their appearance. It involves the removal of extra skin present around the breast area and the reduction of the areola size to give your breasts a firmer and rounder appearance. 

With time, breasts lose their elasticity and firmness. It is a more common problem in women who are pregnant, breastfed, and gain/lose weight. If you are unhappy with the saggy appearance of your breasts and want to uplift them, you can schedule your consultation with a renowned breast plastic surgeon! Consult them about breast lift surgery in NY. They will guide you in the best possible way and help you make the right decision. In case they observe you should increase the breast size, they can even recommend breast augmentation at the same time as this surgical procedure.

This blog describes in detail the breast lift procedure, risks associated with it, cost, and recovery after it.

Breast lift surgical procedure-

Breast lift procedures use a variety of approaches that are customized to meet each patient's specific needs in terms of breast size, shape, and lift. Your surgeon will decide which strategy is best in your case. You might be advised to stop taking some medications, such as aspirin, which acts as a blood thinner, before the treatment. 

Smokers should stop smoking around four weeks before surgery, as this habit impedes the body's natural healing ability. It can even cause serious problems with wound healing, which may result in skin loss on the breasts or nipples. These safety measures are necessary to guarantee a safe and effective breast lift surgery, enhancing results and lowering the possibility of problems.


There are multiple steps in the breast lift surgery to get the desired result -
  • In order to determine the new location of the nipple, the surgeon first marks your breast while you are standing. 
  • During the procedure, general anesthesia is given to promote sleep and reduce pain. 
  • The incision is then made by the surgeon all the way around the areola, occasionally extending it down the sides as well as down the front of the breast. 
  • In order to fit the new breast contour, your breasts are raised and reshaped, and the areolas are repositioned, possibly resulting in a reduction in size. 
  • Extra skin is removed to make the skin appear firmer. 
  • In order to get an aesthetically attractive result, the incisions are closed at the end of the treatment using surgical tape, skin adhesives, stitches, or sutures, usually placed in less visible parts of the breast.

Some choose to improve the position and size of their breasts by combining breast implants with breast lift surgery. However, some surgeons would advise against doing both procedures at the same time due to safety concerns. 

In these situations, the breast augmentation is planned for a later time, usually weeks or months following the breast lift. This stepwise strategy reduces the possibility of problems, especially the loss or necrosis of the nipple. 

Surgeons can guarantee a safer and more favorable result for individuals who want both an enhanced and raised breast appearance by performing the procedures separately.

Complications associated with breast lift-

Like any surgical procedure, this surgery can also result in some complications. These include-
  • Infection
  • Scars left by surgery
  • Delayed healing of incisions
  • Temporary loss of feeling in the breast or nipple
  • Bleeding
  • Uneven breast shape
  • Need for another surgical procedure

You can consider getting this procedure done by a renowned plastic surgeon known for performing high-quality breast lift surgery in NJ. As a result, the chances of getting complications such as needing another surgery and uneven breast shape can be reduced. An experienced surgeon will perform the surgery according to your desired goals and do the best to deliver successful results. 

Surgery cost-

The exact cost may differ based on various factors like the patient's needs, the surgeon's expertise level, and the location. Highly experienced doctors in major cities may demand higher costs. It's crucial to remember that because these procedures are typically regarded as cosmetic procedures, most health insurance policies do not cover them.

Patients may have to bear extra for anesthesia, prescription drugs, medical testing, specific postoperative apparel or accessories, and the surgeon's fee in addition to the cost of the procedure. When preparing for a breast lift procedure, several things need to be considered. It’s best to discuss the entire breast lift surgery cost with your surgeon. 

Recovery after surgery-

Once the surgery is over, you can observe swelling and soreness in your breast area for a few weeks. Your surgeon will prescribe a few medications to offer some relief from the pain caused by breast lift surgery in NY. You can even apply an ice pack over your breasts. You will be instructed to sleep on your back. Sleeping this way can help you keep your chest in a raised position.

After a few weeks, you may notice signs such as swelling, soreness, and bruising that usually disappear itself. The final results can be seen between two to ten months. So, it’s best to avoid performing strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for a few weeks after the surgery.

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