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Breast augmentation surgery- Risks, Preparation, and Results.

Breast augmentation surgery- Risks, Preparation, and Results.


Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that helps improve the overall breast appearance. It involves the placement of breast implants under the chest muscles to enhance their size. Many women consider breast implant surgery in NY to boost their self-confidence, while others get it done to rebuild the breast for other conditions.

If you wish to increase your breast size, consult a renowned surgeon to perform this procedure and deliver the desired results. It's best to learn about this surgery in detail, such as why it's done, the risks involved, how you can prepare, what you can expect, and the results. This blog describes all these things about this surgical procedure. 

So, continue reading it to learn about everything.

Why is breast augmentation surgery done?

This surgery may help you-
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Correct uneven breast.
  • Improve overall appearance.
  • Adjust the symmetry of your breasts post-pregnancy.

Talk with your plastic surgeon to set reasonable expectations for the results of this procedure. This communication with a specialist is essential for assessing your objectives with the potential outcomes of the procedure and establishing a satisfying decision-making process.

How can you prepare for this surgical procedure?

You must schedule a detailed consultation with a plastic surgeon to review your breast size, texture, and look preferences for breast augmentation. The surgeon will review several implant alternatives, including saline or silicone, round or teardrop-shaped, smooth or textured, and so on. They will also describe the various surgical methods that are available.

Review written materials carefully, including patient information from the implant manufacturer, and keep copies for your records. This thorough consultation process guarantees that you are well informed and capable of making decisions that align with your desired cosmetic goals.

What to consider before breast implant surgery?

  • Implants may negatively affect breastfeeding. While some women can successfully breastfeed after this procedure, it can be difficult for other women. So, it's crucial to discuss any potential concerns with your healthcare professional because the effect of breastfeeding may differ from person to person.
  • Breast implants can complicate mammograms. To guarantee full breast screening and precise results, you may need to undergo specialized views in addition to routine mammograms (if you have implants).
  • Breast implants have a limited lifespan of, on average, ten years. The rupture of an implant is a potential possibility. Furthermore, aging and weight variations can alter breast appearance, so you may frequently require additional surgical procedures to correct these changes.
  • The removal of breast implants could require further operations. You could need a breast lift or other corrective surgery to make your breasts seem more natural after implant removal. The ideal aesthetic result may be attained with the aid of these post-removal choices.

Your healthcare practitioner could advise getting a baseline mammogram and adjusting your medications to reduce the chance of bleeding before your breast augmentation procedure. If you smoke, you'll probably be recommended to quit for four to six weeks before and after the procedure. 

To protect your safety and comfort during the healing process, make arrangements for a reliable transportation route after the procedure and have someone remain with you for at least the first night.

Risks associated with breast implant surgery-

This surgical procedure poses a few risks that may include the following-
  • Pain in breasts.
  • Implant leakage.
  • Scar in tissue.
  • Infection.
  • Change in breast sensation. 
  • Change in the position of implants.
  • Rupture of implants.

If you plan to get breast augmentation surgery by a highly experienced surgeon in NJ, there may be fewer chances to experience these risks. Hence, searching for a well-reputed surgeon in New Jersey if you live across this region is advisable.

What to expect from breast implant surgery

Most patients undergoing this procedure can visit a surgical center or hospital outpatient facility to go home the same day. Rarely they are advised for hospital stays.  The type of anesthetic utilized varies; in some instances, local anesthetic is used, enabling the patient to remain awake while having their breasts numbed.  Alternative methods include general anesthesia, which makes the patient asleep throughout the treatment. 

Your plastic surgeon will extensively review and offer various anesthetic alternatives to ensure your comfort and safety. The strategy can be customized to your unique needs and preferences.

Breast implant surgery results-

Breast augmentation can enhance the size and form of your breasts, which may improve your self-esteem and perception of your body. But it's essential to keep your expectations in check and avoid expecting perfection. Even with augmentation, your breasts will continue to age naturally, and external variables like weight changes might affect how they seem. 

Additional surgery might be required to correct these alterations and maintain the ideal aesthetic result if you dislike how your breasts look. Achieving and maintaining breast augmentation outcomes that align with your goals requires flexibility and open communication with your healthcare professional.

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